Sandy’s Law Survey deadline

June 15, 2019 all day
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Sandy’s Law – sign redesign survey 

Sandy’s Law sign was launched in 2004.  The current sign is being redesigned.  HealthNexus Best Start have released a survey requesting input from the public.
Survey deadline:  closes June 15, 2019
Link for survey: LINK

Comments:  on a personal note, we do not like any of the 3 draft replacement sign options.  Our key concerns are:

  1. The wording is the same as the current sign however research since 2004 supports far more explicit warning,
  2. It does not address common misconceptions such as “alcohol” means any type or timing (no safe amount or time)
  3. The sign colors are very light and will be less visible versus the sign today
  4. Most establishments do not “prominently” display the signs as per the law – We strongly suggest that when the AGCO send the new signs to establishments they include clear advice on the legal requirement that they must be prominently displayed (i.e. if the person cannot easily see and read the sign during their purchase .. the sign is not in compliance with the law.

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